Friday, September 28, 2012

Back in Black

It has been an awfully long time since I wrote. As a matter of fact, it's been quite a long time since I did something meaningful on the internet. What in the name of god was I doing all this time?! Whatever, I guess I'll pass!
While I've been off the grid, many things have changed. The world edges, as always towards nuclear war as Iran is threatened by Israel; Corruption in India takes a new high as Rs.7000 Crore were granted to build invisible dams; Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal, considered the forerunners of the anti-corruption movement in India, split up because of ideological differences on political agendas,40752+ homicides took place in India this year... but still the world celebrates and welcomes each day as a new hope of freedom and happiness... way to go, my dear friends, way to go!
Anyways, I did not log in today to squander off about how the world is changing for worse and what a huge pile of crap it has become! I logged in because i felt that I had been missing out on something meaningful and important. I felt like my inner voice had been cut out, like I had been barred from all usefulness... but now I feel okay...hell, It's great to be back!
Its a short post... I want it to be this way... I want it to be subtle and meaningful... short and understandable...AND...I don't want to have nothing to write, the next time I log in!
So its great to be back and I hope I keep writing for a lil' more time!
Take care,

Monday, July 9, 2012

Metal for a Metalhead

I am listening to the absolutely awesome and utterly ear-splitting music of the american groove metal band Lamb of God. Their latest album 'Resolution' has turned out to be even more brutal than their previous albums, which by the way were awe-freaking-some in every sense.

I don't get the fact why some people say that heavy metal music is just screaming and shouting in front of a microphone?

 I do not understand why people condemn and (not a general opinion, despite belief) dislike heavy metal music?

It is not because it is loud. Volume is not of the track but is up to you to modulate.

It is not because it is brutal. News, these days is more brutal than most heavy metal tracks.

It's also not because it is unsophisticated. Operatic and powerful vocals are the inseparable parts of certain metal bands. Iron Maiden and Judas Pries, for instance have singers with unusually powerful and beautiful voices.

It's not because it does not have variety. Metal music is perhaps the most diverse music there has ever been. Groove metal,Thrash metal,Death metal,Black metal,Industrial metal,Power metal,Djent metal,Doom metal and many more sub-genres just comprise the uppermost layer of the building metal scene in the world.

It is not because metal hurts the ears. Don't kid me guys... I mean you say that after the high pitched wailing of certain Justin Bieber (who, by the way has to use software instead of puberty for his voice),NOTHING hurts my ears more...

It is definitely not because metal lyrics are not sensible...

Check this out...

Life it seems will fade away 

Drifting further everyday 
Getting lost within myself 
Nothing matters no one else 
I have lost the will to live 
Simply nothing more to give 
There is nothing more for me 
Need the end to set me free 

Things not what they used to be 
Missing one inside of me 
Deathly lost this can't be real 
Can't stand this hell I feel 
Emptiness is filling me 
To the point of agony 
Growing darkness taking dawn 
I was me, but now he's gone 
No one but me can save myself, but it's too late 
Now I can't think, think why I should even try 
Yesterday seems as though it never existed 
Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye 

This was one of my favorite songs by the biggest metal band in the world, Metallica,'Fade to Black'.

Lets now see what one of the most popular pop artists of the decade has to say...

If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go

I can take you places you ain't never been before
Baby, take a chance or you’ll never ever know
I got money in my hands that I’d really like to blow
Swag, swag, swag, on you
Chillin' by the fire while we eatin’ fondue
I don't know about me but I know about you
So say hello to falsetto in three, two, swag

I couldn't have cared less for what it means... considering its already very 'sophisticated'!

I don't know why people don't like metal music... Let them not like it, I don't give a sham, but why condemn it...why call it unbearable? Why?

I guess I'll never understand.

But remembering the last lines of the documentary "Metal : A Headbanger's Journey", said to all the people who condemn and hate metal music...

" Ever since I was 12 years old I had to defend my love for heavy metal against those who say it's a less valid form of music. My answer now is that you either feel it or you don't. If metal doesn't give that overwhelming surge of power that make the hair stand up at the back of your neck, you might never get it, and you know what? That's okay, because judging by the 40,000 metalheads around me we're doing just fine without you."

Thanks for reading...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Of Gaming and more...

Of the many diversions that mankind has yet developed; of all the petty attractions that the humans have come up with; of all the things that you know, wouldn't yield, but you still use, I must say, computer gaming is what I have found the most addictive. One could chew gums and leave the smoking pipes behind, he could go to a rehab and get the chemicals off his system, he could do all, only if he had a reason!

When I came back to college this year, I did not know what to expect. I didn't know if I could do things I had planned, and accomplish the goals I had set, all that I had known was if there was something worthwhile, I had to be doing it!

And then came the boredom... engulfing me in the tedious arms she lay her staff beside me, challenging me to duel. And duel I did! Fighting ruthlessly amidst the sorrowful arms of loneliness and the heavy weight of  studying. I fought for a great while... tried to fight at least, but at last she did overcome! Overcome she did, in the form of counter-strike,one of her many minions, it came at me with its sword, entrancing and engulfing me in the sea of addiction.

Well, all this has got a bit freaking Elizabethan, so I'll come down to real facts... I have been SCREWED! I don't sleep...I don't eat... I don't freaking have time for any darn thing apart from the 15.6 inch LED screen in front of me!

All I hear is 'Sector Clear' and! 'Go,Go,Go,GO...!', all I see is men carrying Mavericks and CV-47s... All this has gone too off the charts!

Perhaps this is also the reason I haven't written in a while, also the reason I've gone thin as a stick... a reason for many things, and not many of them are good!

But still I play...and so do many others! In my college, In India, maybe all over the world!

Its not like you don't want to leave this addiction, I want hell! But I don't think any of it does matter as long as IT wants you stuck!

After all... It is what makes it special!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A different ball game!

Well, I do fell that I need to give explanation of my unforeseen and comprehensible disappearance from cyberspace for the past few weeks. I took admission into the College of Engineering Roorkee (COER). Now I am a B.Tech student. Like all others.
I thought that the education pattern in the Engineering colleges wouldn't be much different from the school education, considering that both of these find education to be their ultimate purpose. I thought that the students living in the boarding schools would be much familiar to the lifestyle in the college... living away from home. I had considered that the food would not be comparable to home, but would have the basics similar. I had thought I would have the time of my life.
Firstly, I was WRONG almost everywhere! The food is crap. The teachers talk Greek. The instruments are martian. AND again...THE FOOD IS CRAP!
  Comparison of the food at home to the mess-food is like comparing the Eiffel tower to a freaking brick wall in terms of architecture. It's like comparing Megan Fox to any girl passing by in terms of looks. Its like comparing the milky way to the moon in terms of size!!! You get potatoes in every possible cut, shape, size, appearance, color, design and flavor in the mess dishes. You get tomatoes that have been peeled by a man without fingernails. You get vegetables that you can't recognize without looking at the menu chart. You can get things you didn't know, existed between the sky and the earth! But despite all the hardships, problems, resistance, and upheaval... we still eat the food! There are harder things to engineering that just studies... harder and more horrible! Mortifying!
As of the teachers, they're brilliant. Everybody's is either a graduate or a post graduate or a PhD from an IIT or any other prestigious institution. They all know their subjects like we know the terrain in motocross mania! And they all have a congruent nature... They like to talk in languages that are UN-understandable to students. You don't need Wikipedia or Yahoo Answers to understand what has been taught...You need Google translate!
Now you must say that if everything here is so do I cope with all the collegeophobia! It's the friends people...the friends who make every moment of college life worthwhile...Its them who make you feel like you've come to a place that is solely yours...Where you belong!
You know what I learned after coming to this college friends... I learned that Its not the studies, the technology, or the teachers that make you a real engineer.
Its your friends. Its them who make fun out of thin air. its them who make you cherish every moment in a place where moments are rare to come by. They are the ones who slow down time.Literally (well of course it can actually slow down according to the special theory of relativity!)!

P.S Sorry for the delay in writing . Things will streamline from now onwards!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Of music and more

"The music I listen to is the only sort of good music that you can probably get!", exclaims the metalhead!
"Nigga, You talkin' shit man! Your music is just shouting and screaming... it no music man!", the hip hopper shouts back.
"You are so foolish and ignorant, music is not about fast speech, its about energy, its about passion, not about spitting at people's faces!"
"Stay cool nigga... i ain't shouting crap man... i am talking about your luck.
and your metal is just shit man... and rock also sucks! That is what I've wanted to tell ya from a long long lime!" gimmicked the hipster! 
"Oh really!", and now the metalhead was  really angry!

Stories like these often come up if you are members of various music related groups on Facebook! You hear crap about JB, about RB about TB( oops... that is if you are part of a medical group!), and then somebody adds you to a group, without even reading your profile, to a 'rock hater' group, and then you have to tolerate notifications about how rock is shit and how metal sucks!
I personally don't give a darn about what people write on fb... I know that being guarded by  a screen gives them a sense of security that they will not be punched in the face and so they keep writing stuff!
And again I have to write before updates and comments and posts like these that these all are personal opinions and they don't have anything to do with personal hatred!
Well, actually, I don't care... I don't care about what people say on fb...well, I am not honest when I say this, because the truth is... that I pretend not to care! I pretend that I don't give a freaking darn! I pretend that I don't want to punch the man in the face who updates his status as... " JB is a rock star!"
But the truth is that I want to do all these things, not because everybody does this but because I feel that certain things insult my genre of music just like they insult people like me!
You might feel that this all is very childish... fighting for 'who's music is the best' and 'who is crap and who isn't!' when it all really doesn't matter... but then you are wrong, aren't you? 
That is because it does matter! Let me ask you a simple question...
How do you feel when you punch a person who called you, and for that matter, anything that you like, crap?
You feel good! You feel satisfied! You feel elated!
And that is what we're living for. Aren't we?

P.S. You don't wanna know the end of the above mentioned story!
       (Hint: Keywords: Chainsaw, Shotgun, Head, Brutal, Laugh, Burn)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Things that never change

Before you start reading this, brace yourself! This post is the mirror image of what I feel, a completely unbiased opinion, for that matter, not even a opinion; just an expression of what I feel!
Two days back, as I sat before the television watching the news about the serial blasts in Mumbai, I did not feel sad! I did not feel angry, for that matter! All i felt was a deep and sincere pain and hopelessness! I felt hopeless because i couldn't be console the people who had lost their loved ones, I couldn't tend the people who were badly injured, and i couldn't help the people who had done this to all of them!
To be completely honest i don not feel a trace of harshness for the terrorists who end up destroying hundreds of lives and ruining many others, I only feel a sincere sadness for all of them who fail to realize the virtue of human sentiments and feelings! Humanity doesn't appear in their dictionary and they will die like many others hoping they had not done what they did!
But I did feel anger then. Not when the distorted remains of humans were shown on television, not either when the injured were rushed into ambulances already full!
I felt anger as the home minister in his speech said that Indians show true spirit in what they do after an explosion takes place...when he appreciated the spirit of the Mumbaikars for continuing life as normal after the bombings!
I can not imagine what else he could have said. I am not concerned about what else he could have said but all that I know is that he should have rather done something than to have said something!
Rahul Gandhi said that 1 % of the terrorist elements can escape! But can they escape and infiltrate so far as to target the largest metropolitan! I am astonished by the level of alertness of homeland security and the intelligence database!

We declare alerts after a bombing happens... we call up the police when all that had to happen...happens! This is not an allegation, its just an expression... not because I have to...but because I want to express myself!
I am not targeting the government, who am I to do so? I am just sad that people die when they could have been saved! Maybe they couldn't have been saved...maybe their fate was written when they were born...maybe they were where destiny took them, but we can't just let people die because we think that destiny overpowers everything! We have to be optimistic.. at least till destiny allows us to be!
Please comment...I want to know what you feel! its never one man's job to think for all!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Commercial Insanity!

I got the idea to write this post when I was watching the television this evening! I wasn't watching anything in particular, not because there wasn't anything particular to watch but because you can't watch anything particular now-a-days! It’s the commercials that you are watching most of the time!
So while watching the commercials that presented themselves mercilessly for almost 15 minutes, I decided that either we've gone unanimously and absolutely stupid, or the advertisements exceedingly insane!
But after having watched almost four innings of these adverts, I realized that both of my hypotheses seemed to have solidified into one singular theory!
I mean, come on, the popping up of pretty ladies in shaving cream ads and men’s wear have become a thing of past! In the most recent advert I saw three black clothed and fearsome looking girls jump out of the bathroom glass armed with wolverine like metal claws and pounce like predators on the protagonist just for the freaking sake of telling him that his shaving cream doesn't nourish his bloody skin! I don't mean to be sarcastic but WHY the hell could the ladies have not used the bathroom door and simply remind the man of the minor flaw in his shaving cream?! That is the allegory of the most insane degree!
Similarly, in another advert, this one selling certain soap, a little girl turns up at home covered in stains of mud with a cat following her. And for some strange reason known only to the maker of the advert and the girl, all that she fears about is that her mother would give her a bash because the bloody cat followed her and that for some divine reason her mother( who, we get to know later in the ad, is standing just behind the girl, and does not get noticed due to either the girl being short sighted or the mother wearing some sort of invisibility cloak), would fail to notice that her school-dress is stained as if she had been doing some mud-artwork the whole day! In all this divinity, the mother, popping up like a witch, reminds the girl that the germs had to be killed, when a normal mom would have beaten the shit out of the girl!
I fail to understand the advert despite the fact that I use the same soap and use it for entirely different reasons!
Another advert that I would like to discuss here is the watch advert featuring a dirt bike race and that has the Indian cricket captain in it who is supposed to tell the audience that if you wear the certain brand of watch, you shall win a bike race on a rusty bike that looks like a 1960 vintage and all the other drivers will slow down to traffic speeds and blah blah blah!
Then there is another ad with the hero dancing and jumping like an ape with a bad itch towards the finishing line in a race while all the other racers slow down to 0.25x ! And all this supernatural stuff supposedly happens because of a freaking underwear!
I can’t believe half of the stuff they show and don’t BLOODY want to believe the other half!
Commercials are meant to sell things to the public. They only reason I believe, behind the rise of such adverts is that due to the fact that the actual entertainment now stands at 25% of the T.V. time, the stuff occupying the 3/4th part has got to be entertaining... hence these ads!
The development of such commercials not only shows that insanity has now become an asset, and thus, the next step for sure shall be the transformation of Asylums into Ad-agencies!
Perhaps, we shall see more of entertainment then...
Wife murders husband brutally and chops his body into minute pieces just because he didn’t use the perfume...
I mean I don’t know, Next is what?